Artist statement:

I am a contemporary artist based in Wisconsin, and create art reflecting emotions about my life experiences. I primarily am a mixed media artist, producing pieces using paint, graphite, charcoal, and ink. I primarily use my art as a means to discover and explore the heights and struggles of life through a study of emotion. My exploration of the values of life are commonly expressed through use of line, color schemes, and texture in my work. I believe that the human experience is deeply beautiful, complex, and confusing- which is why art exists: to navigate the ever transforming maze we stumble through.

By using themes such as the changing of seasons, human anatomy, elements of the sky and water, insects, the macabre and the occult, I attempt to create a window for people to explore the non-tangible elements of emotion and transformation. Often, my pieces reflect the uncertainty of life, themes of healing, and memories that haunt us, to evoke a collection of raw realizations and self truth. Although I create work very close to my personal experiences, I believe that my art captures the complex feelings and inner workings of peoples’ minds in a way that audiences of diverse backgrounds can find their own story within. Among many things, art is a home where one is welcome to enhance self-discovery and self-metamorphosis, and this concept is at the heart of each of my pieces.