Written Portfolio

Welcome to my collection of written work and research!

One of the first written pieces of work I was assigned as a communication and media major was for a course on interpersonal communication that I took during the fall of 2020. This was also the first instance of my interest in healthcare combining with my passion for my major. I was tasked with finding an article that examines a specific type of interpersonal communication, and writing up an annotated bibliography for it. The relationship between a healthcare professional and a patient is a critical part of finding a diagnosis and treatment for patients with chronic health issues. My main objective was to accurately describe the findings of a study that examined these relationships and clearly articulate the importance of communication between patient-professional relationships in order to find treatment that is effective for the patient. My intended audience at the time was my professor, the project was not assigned as a presentation or to be represented visually, so the project started and ended with a written document.

Another piece I wrote about health communication was for a health communication course that I took during the spring of 2021. For our final, in lieu of a final exam, we were instructed to write a research paper focusing on one health organization (chosen from a list provided to us) and the information/campaign they had on COVID-19. This essay was another paper that just my professor saw, but I wrote it keeping in mind a larger audience of families, particularly with people who had an increased risk for getting COVID-19. My main objective was to break down the information into helpful chunks that described the main points of their campaign #HealthyAtHome for families with young children, elderly people, and people who are at a greater risk for contracting COVID because of other underlying issues. I examined the different resources that the WHO website featured under their campaign such as infographics, informative articles, FAQ and suggestions, and more.

One of my favorite assignments from the writing for the media course I took during the fall of 2021 was an essay I wrote for the non-profit organization I chose to “represent” throughout the course of the semester by writing different media “press release” exercises. Happily Ever After (HEA) is a local non-profit no-kill animal shelter, and at the time, they had recently been featured in an award-winning independent documentary on the environment, animals, and community. My main objective for this essay was to summarize the philosophy of HEA and how it connected to the documentary they were featured in which had a lot to say about local communities. I was tasked with writing a mass media-geared piece that analyzed and broke down the main message about how an animal shelter can be a refection of the health of a community. I hoped this essay would read as a reflective passion piece about the bond between people and animals and how that actually greatly impacts the surrounding community and comments on the values of the community. Therefore, my intended audience was the greater Green Bay area, but ultimately, since this was just a writing assignment, only my professor read it. I have used this as a writing sample for internship and job applications, and has helped me land interviews and positions.