Communication and Media Portfolio

Hi! Welcome to my major portfolio, where I will unpack the projects and materials I have learned over the course of my four year program to receive my BA in Communication and Media Studies. But first, I want to reflect on what I have taken away from these four years.

I see my position within the discipline to reflect my commitment and dedication to contributing towards an effective and clear connection with others no matter geographic location, demographics, or differences. I first became interested in studying communication so that I could help be an advocate for others by communicating clearly, empathetically, and efficiently. Not only have I learned how to communicate professionally, but I have learned about interpersonal communication, mass communication, political communication, nonverbal communication, communication about gender and equality, crisis communication, public relations, health communication, communication research methods, and so much more. For instance, I was not aware of the amount of social science experiments in the field of communication on topics that dip into gender studies, patient care, the effects of media on our cognition, and more. Entering this discipline as an 18 year old, I wouldn’t have guessed so many of these topics had a home within communication and media. I would have thought many of these topics were home to psychology scholars, medical scholars, or sociologists. While I have a deep appreciation and enthusiasm for this discover and passion within the discipline, I have to say one of the skills I gained that impacted me the most in my personal and professional life would be my verbal communication, participation, and assertiveness. Entering college, I was shy, anxious, and quiet. I did not feel very comfortable at all to raise my hand in class, let alone stand in front of my classmates and present a project. I am not perfect, but I have come a long way with my confidence in my communication skills. I have pushed myself to explore topics of study that I am interested in and passionate about, I have learned how to express my work ethic and dedication by taking initiative and daring myself to think outside the box and aim my goals for myself high. And most importantly, I have learned to reach and achieve these high goals.

I concentrated my studies on the media perspective of the discipline, however, my topics of research have dipped into the communication perspective a bit at times as well. I have been most interested in areas of study surrounding gender in media, and health communication related topics. I have enjoyed studying these two topics because I find them abundantly significant in daily communication and media engagement, and are areas of study that pertain to my interests. For example, I have examined the role of gender in the context of rock and roll media, my personal favorite genre of music, for the past two years. I have also spent a considerable amount of time examining health in communication and media, health in a family context, an interpersonal context, a professional context, and how we engage with the topic in media examples. I studied these topics from a social scientific perspective, typically engaging with qualitative materials and methods. My major pushed me in many academic directions during my time as a student at St. Norbert College, but it also pushed me towards experiences outside of the classroom, including various campus jobs and internships.

I became a tour guide for St. Norbert Admissions and gave tours to prospective students, hosted students who shadowed my communication classes, and communicated with students post-tour about the SNC experience. I never would have had the confidence or skills to acquire this position without pursuing the communication and media department my freshman year. As someone who would freeze when tasked with public speaking (even to just a small group) this was the first of many, important steps in my academic and professional journey. Additionally, I worked for three years in the campus Writing Center as a writing tutor and consultant. Like my tour guide position, it was vital to have clear and precise communication skills in order to effectively answer questions, make suggestions, and help students boost their writing confidence when needed. These experiences led me to the opportunity to work as a content creator intern for Baer Performance Marketing in Green Bay, Wisconsin during the summer of 2022. There, I learned to create copywrite, conduct research on client services both local and national, create social media posts and blog posts, work with analytics, and more. During my time as an intern for Baer I realized how much I enjoyed the work and was passionate about creating copywrite for work. I hope to go into marketing and work as a copywriter or media journalist after graduation. My dream job would be to work as a music journalist for a rock or alternative rock music media company. But for now, I hope to work at a marketing company helping brainstorm creative, innovative, and fueling content for clients using my writing and visual communication skills.